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Name:St. John Allerdyce
Birthdate:Aug 12
pictureof a pumpkin
Updated: 9-29-2011;

Saint-John Allerdyce was born and raised in Australia, a broken home and a broken family. He discovered his powers at as most do upon hitting puberty, however he had no true idea how to control them and would often use them when he felt fearful or angry.

One evening while his parents fought he accidentally caused a large explosion, burning down the family kitchen. After this his parents feared him and sent him away to Xavier's in America. Feeling betrayed by his parents willingness to give him away so easily because of something he discovers is not his fault he holds a heavy bitterness to them. One of the many things fueling his anger, and his fire.

He remains at Xavier's for a few years, until the mansion is attacked by Stryker, at this time he begins to seriously question his involvement with the X-Men and Xavier himself. At Alkali Lake he is approached by Magneto, and after hearing what the other has to say begins to believe in his cause.

Pryo becomes Magneto's left hand man in the years leading up to Worthington's cure and after Mystique is captured and changed thanks to it he becomes his right hand. However he begins to question his alliance to Magneto after he leaves mystique behind because she no longer has her powers. Because of his blind faith in his cause, and his rage fueled abilities he becomes an asset in the battle of Alcatraz Island. However he is defeated by long time rival Bobby Drake and knocked out cold, awaking in time to see Jean Grey, or phoenix as she now is, destroying the island. He manages to escape, and from there disappears 'underground' fearing the repercussions of his actions.

It is here he discovers that Magneto has also been de-powered, and has seemed to have disappeared. Not wanting to stay in San Fransisco, but not wanting to return to the X-Men either, he decides to move to New York City and takes mostly under the table or odd jobs offered to him as he can not get a real one due to his mutant terrorist activities.

[Muse and mun are over 18, this is Movie!Verse Pyro, with a lot of the comics mixed in to a certain point. Most of his back story was created by me because it's not entirely clear what his back story is. Also I know x-3 sucks ass, you don't have to tell me that. Basically in my head canon; Xavier didn't die, and Magneto got de-powered yes, but is slowly regaining them (which is pretty much what I believe they were going for at the end of the movie.) I do not own the movies, or the characters. They are the property of Marvel. These characters are used for fun in various communities and I make no profit off this journal or the content within.]

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